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The Smart Innovation Show delivers an extensive set of learning, networking and business development opportunities to the organizations digitizing their processes and business.

Beyond its international exhibition, the Show is a true innovation hub combining multiple activities over two days: live demos, workshops and tutorials, innovation tours, business meetings, innovation awards, etc. Integrated to the World Smart Week conferences, it offers huge networking opportunities by gathering 1500 conferences attendees and 1500 Show participants.

The professionals driving digital transformation will discover new solutions, source innovation and innovators, network and do business, leverage new synergies... in multiple verticals: Automotive, Banking/Finance, Consumer Electronics, Public Services, Healthcare, Industry 4.0,  Marketing,  Retail,  Smart Cities, Tourism, Utilities.

The Smaèrt Innovation Show covers the innovative applications and services at the heart of the digital transformation, based on contactless, M2M / IoT, Digital Identity and Digital Security.
Let's connect consumers, citizens, employees and objects!

Activities Overview

Exhibition Sept. 15-17
Focal point of the five World Smart Week events, 50 booths showcasing cutting-edge solutions and multiple live demos.
Demos Sept. 15-17
Exhibitors will schedule demos several times each day, the best way to discover, experience and assess their latest innovations!
Workshops Sept. 16-17
The new technologies and new uses of them presented entail discussion, training and support to the organizations implementing such innovations. Participate in workshops and tutorials on the initiative of leading IT organizations deliver ad hoc content through an interactive format.
Business Meetings Sept. 16-17
Audiences of the Show and the conferences create huge networking opportunities. The Business Meetings will efficiently connect suppliers and contractors, innovators and R&D.
Networking Opportunities Sept. 15-17
From the education sessions to the social events to the exhibit space, 2.5 days to network and do business
Awards Sept. 16
The World Smart Week Awards will spotlight the best applications and services in contactless, M2M/IoT, e-ID and Security. Awards
Gala Evening Sept. 16
An exceptional venue! Discover it


Who attends?

In addition to its 1500 expected participants, the Smart innovation Show also welcomes the 1500 attendees of the five World Smart Week conferences. Mostly at senior level, the conferences attendees are decision-makers or key influencers in new technologies implementation, working in both IT industry and other verticals.
The Show participants have complementary profiles, with project managers and IT buyers from multiple Verticals prevailing.

1500 senior attendees of the five conferences
In 2014, World Smart Week welcomed 1500 participants, confirming as one of the most important global meeting for the contactless/mobile, M2M, e-ID and digital security industries.
Senior profile and decision makers of technology providers, enterprises, public organizations, regulators, trade associations, academics join in to bring an "easier trusted mobile life".
1500 digital implementers attending the Smart Innovation Show
The Smart Innovation Show offers high-value content, networking and business opportunities aimed at the professionals directly involved in the digitization of their processes and business. Potentially all the vertical industries are addressed through innovation based on contactless, M2M/IoT, digital identity and digital security technologies.



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